When an Exclusion is made

Guide to Exclusion (1)

What is an exclusion?

An exclusion is when a child is removed from school by the Head Teacher for either a Fixed term (suspended) or Permanently (expelled).

What is the difference between a Fixed Term and Permanent Exclusion?

A Fixed Term exclusion is when a child is excluded from a school for a specific period e.g. 5 days. For the first 5 days a school must set and mark work for the child. From the 6th day the school must arrange alternative full-time education A child can only be removed for up to 45 school days in 1 school year. If a child is excluded after lunchtime this counts as a half a day exclusion.

Permanent Exclusion is when a child is expelled from school. The Local Authority must arrange alternative full-time education from the 6th day of the exclusion.

Can a Fixed Term Exclusion be upgraded to a Permanent Exclusion?

Yes, a child can initially be excluded for a Fixed Term and before the end of the fixed term exclusion a Head Teacher can decide to permanently exclude.

Who can exclude a child from school?

A decision to exclude a child can only be made by the Head Teacher of the school.

When can a student be excluded?

A child can be excluded for one off serious incident and/or persistent breaches of the school’s behavior policy. Exclusion should only be used as a last resort and only, where possible, when all other avenues have been exhausted. As such, permanent exclusion should be the final and most serious step taken in a schools’ own disciplinary process.

When is an Exclusion is made?

An exclusion is made from the moment the Head Teacher makes a decision to exclude a child from school. Before sending a child home the School must check that there is a responsible adult home to receive the child before he/she is sent away. A school cannot send a child away unless a parent/guardian has been informed. A School cannot make you collect your child straight away.

What happens once a child is excluded?

The School should send a letter explaining:

  • Confirming that the child has been excluded from school
  • The length of the exclusion i.e. Fixed Term or Permanent
  • The reason for the exclusion
  • How to challenge the exclusion if you want to

What does it mean "I may be prosecuted if my child is found in public"?

For the first 5 days of an exclusion, the excluded child should not be in a public place during normal school hours unless there is a good reason. Parent/guardian may be prosecuted if their child, who has been excluded, is found in a public place during school hours.