We are not alone in trying to help families dealing with school exclusion.

There are not many groups that completely focus on school exclusions, like The School Exclusion Project, but there are several organisations which carry exclusion support as part of their work.
Many organisations we work with also deal with societal exclusion. This societal exclusion arises from a failure to understand young people’s special educational needs or a failure to understand the oppression faced by young people due to their race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability and/or gender.

We list below some of the many organisations we are in communication and partnership with who are committed to ensuring young people in Britain have equal access to education. This is a growing list and is by no means exhaustive.

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The School Exclusion Project works alongside several organisations across the country to ensure equal access to representation and to reduce the number of unlawful school exclusions.
We are particularly interested in hearing from parent partnerships, head teachers and local authorities, to help more families access services to help them deal with school exclusion.
If you are an individual or an organisation committed to this cause, please feel free to contact us at to discuss partnership ideas and opportunities.