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The BBC Interviews the School Exclusion Project

As part of Outclassed: The Kids Excluded From School, BBC Radio 4: File on Four has interviewed the School Exclusion Project and one of the families it has assisted about their experience. It will be aired at 8pm, Tuesday 21 February.  Listen live, or on catch up shortly broadcast. Find out more about the programme on…

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Robbed of their rights: Do School Exclusion Hearings Breach Human Rights?

By Anirudh Mandagere. Any decisions taken by schools, including the decision to exclude, must be lawful, rational, fair and proportionate. The legal procedure for exclusion hearings can be found in S. 51(A) of the Education Act (2002), This introduced a new framework for exclusion hearings, replacing the ‘independent appeal panels’ with ‘independent review panels’. Significantly,…

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School exclusions and Children’s Rights

By Naomi Webber. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is an international treaty, signed and ratified by the UK Government. It is not incorporated into UK law, meaning the rights documented are not legal rights that can be relied upon by UK citizens in court. However, under the convention, the…

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The School Exclusion Project – a brief overview

At the beginning of the year, every GDL student is greeted with the usual whirlwind of information; lectures, seminars, introductory talks, mooting, pro bono, you name it! In spite of the chaos, I managed to stumble upon a project which provides a truly unique opportunity to GDL students. I would like to briefly tell you…

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Exclusion driven by genetic discrimination?

By Natasha Isaac. The Times recently reported on the story of 11-year-old Colman Chadham who was excluded from Jordan Middle School, California because the school believed, incorrectly, that he was at risk of developing cystic fibrosis. [1] Why was Colman excluded? Colman, a healthy child but with genetic markers which were associated with the disease,…

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